Gérardmer and its surroundings

Gérardmer is a nice little town, nestled in the middle of lakes and mountains and situated at the heart of the Vosges mountain range .

All year round, Gérardmer welcomes sportspeople, nature lovers and families coming to enjoy some pure mountain air and the beauty of the scenery, of which its inhabitants are so proud of.

Constantly buzzing, Gérardmer is renowned for its many events .

With its daffodils festival, called "Fête des jonquilles", the Motordays festival, the International Fantastic Film Festival, the fireworks shows, and many sports competitions, the city is bustling with activity, both summer and winter .

Well-known for its textile factories, you will find many linen stores run by traders who will share their expertise  and their love of luxurious linen with you.

If the Pearl of the Vosges already has a lot to offer you, it is far from representing all the beauty of the Hautes-Vosges on its own. Only a few kilometres away, you will find exceptional must-see places.